Angelina Sakura

Angelina never stops smiling and it is contagious! It was such a pleasure to take her 6 month photos, hope they make you smile too!

Washington_DC_Family_2014_October 05, 2014_0001 Washington_DC_Family_2014_October 05, 2014_0002 Washington_DC_Family_2014_October 05, 2014_0003 Washington_DC_Family_2014_October 05, 2014_0004 Washington_DC_Family_2014_October 05, 2014_0005


Look Who is Two!!

Ms. Emma turned 2 in August and she is just adorable! Here are some photos from the day!

DC_Family_2014_August 24, 2014_0001 DC_Family_2014_August 24, 2014_0002 DC_Family_2014_August 24, 2014_0003 DC_Family_2014_August 24, 2014_0004 DC_Family_2014_August 24, 2014_0005

DC Maternity Session

Andrea and Dario were expecting a sweet little girl last spring. We were just in time to catch the infamous DC Cherry Blossoms. We were also just in time to take the photos because their little girl came just a couple of days later! Here are some of my Favorites from the session!

Washington_DC_Maternity_2014_April 12, 2014_0004 Washington_DC_Maternity_2014_April 12, 2014_0005 Washington_DC_Maternity_2014_April 12, 2014_0003 Washington_DC_Maternity_2014_April 12, 2014_0002 Washington_DC_Maternity_2014_April 12, 2014_0001

Back in the grind!

WOW, 2014 flew by! I have been a little absent from the blog world (I know you didn’t think I could get anymore absent, but yet I proved you wrong!) In 2014 my boyfriend and my father both passed away in a span of 2 months. Needless to say I had to re-focus my attention to take care of other things. With all that going on I still was taking photos, just not as good about posting them. I am looking forward to a much brighter 2015.

Me and My dad at my Graduation in 2009


Me and Matt in Vero Beach, Fl March 2014


Baby Avery

Gina and Evan had an early Christmas Present this year. Miss. Avery came just in time to sport all her “Baby’s First Christmas” outfits that she had waiting her arrival. In January I met up with the family to get some photos done. Here are some from the session and I must say, it’s only been a few weeks since the session and she is already SO BIG! Thank you Gina and Evan for letting me be a part in this special time in your family’s life!

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0001

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0002

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0003

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0004

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0005

NewBorn_2014_January 09, 2014_0006

Brittany and Champ

I love sending out christmas cards every year. More then sending them out I LOVE getting them in the mail! There’s something awesome about checking the mail and getting cards with photos from my friends adventures throughout the year. When my friend Brittany asked me to take some photos of her and her dog Champ for their christmas card I couldn’t resist! We set our back drop for this session in Historic Occoquan Virginia. Check out some of the photos from the day!

Brittany_Champ_2013_December 09, 2013_0001

Brittany_Champ_2013_December 09, 2013_0002

Brittany_Champ_2013_December 09, 2013_0003

Brittany_Champ_2013_December 09, 2013_0004

Brittany_Champ_2013_December 09, 2013_0005


Little Logan Family Photos

Little Miss. Logan captures the true little girl essence. Working with her and her family photos was so much fun. Her silly facial expressions, conversation and polka dot dress made me feel like a kid again, and who wouldn’t want that! Check out a few of my favorite photos from this session!

2013_Fall_Family _Photos_November 17, 2013_0001

2013_Fall_Family _Photos_November 17, 2013_0002

2013_Fall_Family _Photos_November 17, 2013_0003

2013_Fall_Family _Photos_November 17, 2013_0004

2013_Fall_Family _Photos_November 17, 2013_0005

Withrow-Young Wedding

My old Friend Brittany got Married this past fall! I was honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding for her. It was such a beautiful day! Here are some of my favorites from the wedding. Congrats to Brittany and Wes!

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0001

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0002

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0003

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0004

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0005

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0006

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0007

Fall_Wedding_Photos_October 26, 2013_0008

Senior Photos

My Niece Renee is GRADUATING from High School this year, talk about feeling old! Here are some Senior photos we did for her! Yea Class of 2014!

2014_Sr_Photos_July 27, 2013_0001

2014_Sr_Photos_July 27, 2013_0002

2014_Sr_Photos_July 27, 2013_0003

2014_Sr_Photos_July 27, 2013_0004

2014_Sr_Photos_October 12, 2013_0005

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